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Best in season: Blackberries

Tart, sweet and bursting out of the hedgerows – now's the time to eat your fill of one of the nation's favourite autumnal fruits. Get inspired to use these beautiful berries with our tempting recipe ideas

Facts about blackberries

All about blackberries

Blackberries are one of those fruits that you see growing everywhere, from scrubby fields in the countryside to railway tracks in the middle of cities, so it's unsurprising that they're one of our best-loved fruits. But how much do you actually know about them? Take a look at our five lesser-known facts to find out.

  1. If we're being pedantic, a blackberry isn't even a berry, it's an aggregate fruit made up of tiny drupelets
  2. It's also not always called a blackberry – they can also be referred to as brambles, dewberry and thimbleberry
  3. They're a great source of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K
  4. Apparently, during the American Civil War blackberry tea was used to cure dysentery and a they reportedly even called a ceasefire so that soldiers from both sides could search for bramble bushes. It's even been suggested that Confederate and Union soldiers would pick blackberries together, often from the same bush at the same time.
  5. Blackberries are one of our oldest edible fruits and seeds are often discovered in human waste dug up on archaeological sites

Fresh ways with blackberries

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