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What is Eat Well?

Eat Well is a health seal of approval found on thousands of M&S products across our Foodhall, making it easier to be healthy. Every product with the Eat Well flower has a health benefit and supports a balanced diet, so you can feel confident you’re making a healthy choice.

The Eat Well flower is only given to products meeting evidence-based nutritional criteria, developed by our nutritionists in consultation with the British Nutrition Foundation. And the best bit? Because it’s from M&S, you can be sure any Eat Well product you choose will taste delicious too.

Discover our Eat Well squad in the Foodhall

There are more than 1,400 Eat Well products across our Foodhall, to help you get the variety you need for a balanced diet. Whether you want to cook a meal from scratch, grab a healthy snack on the go, or need something to quench your thirst, you're never far from something delicious and nutritious at M&S.

Meet the Eat Well squad
The M&S Food logo and the logos of the England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland football teams

Eat Well, Play Well

M&S Food is partnering with the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland national football teams to use the power of football to help families make healthier choices.

This is a partnership for change. With a little help from some much-loved footballing heroes, we hope to inspire you and your family to make healthy eating delicious, easy and fun – and to help make the next generation of families healthier.

Plate of the Nation

As part of our Eat Well, Play Well partnership, we’ve launched our first ever Plate of the Nation report – a dive into the UK’s relationship with food and health and how we can help people to meet their goals. Our research shows only one in five people in the UK (20%) feel they have a consistently healthy relationship with food – but alongside the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland national football teams, we hope to change that. Find out more about how we’re pledging to help families make healthier, easier and more affordable nutrition choices.

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Players from the England football teams


Players from the Scotland football teams


Players from the Wales football teams


Players from the Northern Ireland football teams

Northern Ireland

Players’ favourite recipes, made healthy

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England Eat Well recipes

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Northern Ireland Eat Well recipes

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Scotland Eat Well recipes

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Wales Eat Well recipes

The Southgate smoothie

When it comes to achieving your best performance, eating the right food is so important – and no one knows this better than Team England’s gaffer Gareth Southgate.

His signature smoothie packs in one of your five-a-day and is a source of protein (which supports muscle mass) and vitamin C (which supports your immune system). To make it, watch the video below or follow this recipe: simply blend 30g fresh or frozen banana, 50g fresh or frozen strawberries, 10g porridge oats, 10g pitted dates, 170g oat drink and 30g Greek-style yogurt until smooth.

The Southgate smoothie contains 80g of fruit and >15% RI vitamin C which contributes to the normal function of the immune system and >12% energy from protein which contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass, best enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. Recommended portion size for children 150ml. The yogurt bark contains >20% energy from protein.
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Brilliant breakfasts


When we think about the day ahead, we want to make sure we’ve given our bodies enough fuel for work and play – breakfast provides nutrition and enough energy to kick-start the day. Always include a piece of fruit – whether fresh or frozen, chopped up on cereal or with porridge – in your breakfast, to get you on your way to five-a-day. Look out for Eat Well breakfast products, from our vitamin D-enriched bread to high-in-fibre, vitamin-fortified bran flakes, across the Foodhall.


Breakfast helps you “break the fast” after sleeping and provide you with energy for the day ahead. Did you know that we need 30g of fibre per day? On average, we only get 15-18g. Fibre can help to support your digestive system and may reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. Choosing fibre-rich breakfast options, such as our new super-seeded honey granola, will get you on your way to 30g of fibre per day.

Easy and healthy breakfast ideas


Breakfast should never be boring. Switch things up with our Eat Well cereals and toppers. Try making overnight oats with your choice of milk, peanut butter and fresh or frozen raspberries. The next day, finish your oats with more raspberries, a small drizzle of maple syrup and one of our cereal toppers.

For something quick and easy, add your choice of tropical fruit and our super-seeded high-fibre granola to a Plant Kitchen coconut pot. Or why not whizz up our berry smoothie mix (find it in the frozen aisle) with apple juice, then top with strawberries, bananas, blueberries and coconut seaweed crunch clusters?

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