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Dine In
  • Sirloin steaks

    Rich and tender 21-day-matured steak

    Rotisserie chicken

    In a sweet and sticky marinade

    Seabass fillets

    With a cheddar and rosemary crumb

    Duck breasts with plum sauce 

    Flavour-packed duck breasts with sweet plum sauce

    Comforting cottage pie with root veg crush

    Minced beef and lentils in gravy topped with a potato, carrot and parsnip crush and a mature cheddar cheese crumb

    Our Best Ever macaroni cheese (V)

    Free-range egg pasta in a creamy cheese sauce topped with mozzarella cheese and an onion and garlic ciabatta crumb

    Gastropub chicken prosciutto

    Chicken breast fillets with cheese sauce, wrapped in prosciutto with a cheese and parsley crumb and green beans

    Lasagne al forno

    Sheets of pasteurised egg pasta layered with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, bechamel sauce, and a tomato, beef and pork sauce

    Gastropub chicken in red wine

    Succulent British chicken breasts with a red wine sauce, mushrooms and smoked bacon, and cheddar cheese crumb

    Gastropub butternut and red onion en croutes

    Roasted butternut squash with caramelised red onions and spinach, wrapped in puff pastry topped with pumpkin and sunflower seeds

  • Asparagus (V)

    Fresh and vibrant asparagus 

    Peas and carrots (V)

    With mint butter

    Garlic butter ciabatta (V)

    Ciabatta bread with garlic and parsley butter

    Frites (V)

    Seasoned potato fries

    Potato rosti (V)

    Potato cakes made with shredded potato, onions and seasoning 

    Carrot and swede crush (V)

    Carrot and swede crushed with butter and seasoning

  • Bramley apple pie

    Sweet and tangy Bramley apple slices baked in light puff pastry

    Tiramisu (V)

    Savoiardi biscuits soaked with coffee sauce, topped with mascarpone cheese and Marsala wine mousse, dusted with cocoa

    Passion-fruit Swiss roll (V)

    A beautifully striped moist sponge filled with whipped cream and a tangy passion-fruit sauce

    Billionaire’s desserts (V)

    Cookie crumb topped with a rich chocolate and salted caramel sauce, caramel-flavour mousse and Belgian chocolate ganache, finished with gold-dusted butterscotch pieces

    Gastropub tarte au citron slices (V)

    All-butter sweet pastry, filled with a smooth and tangy lemon filling

    Plant Kitchen churros (Ve)

    Fried wheat flour pastries served with a pot of chocolate sauce and cinnamon sugar

    Fruity fiesta (V)

    A medley of pineapple, melon, grapes and kiwi fruit

    Mini cheese selection (V)

    Soft mould-ripened cheese, mature cheddar cheese, full-fat soft blue-veined cheese

It’s here: Our Best Ever macaroni cheese 

Our new serves-two Our Best Ever macaroni cheese is now available on Dine In! This comforting dish is made with free-range egg pasta blended with cave-aged cheddar for richness, pecorino for bite, Emmental for nutty sweetness, and melty mozzarella for the ultimate ooze-factor. It’s then topped with roasted-garlic-oil breadcrumbs, crispy onions and parsley. Try serving it with our garlic butter ciabatta for extra indulgence.

Pick up Our Best Ever macaroni cheese as part of your Dine In offer.

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The classic pud 

Looking for a sweet ending to your Dine In meal? Try our deliciously comforting and classic apple pie. Made with sweet and tangy Bramley apple slices and light puff pastry, this dessert is like a hug in a bowl.  

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