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Home fragrance is a quick and easy way to change the feel of a room – as well as lift your mood. Find the right scent for you and your space with our expert tips


Choose a fragrance family

Fragrance families have certain notes or scents in common. Knowing which one you prefer can help you find the right fragrance for your home:

Fresh Bright, clean and uplifting scents evoking a sea breeze. Often contain notes of neroli, sea salt and jasmine.

Citrus The citrus family is refreshing and zesty with sparkling top notes including lemon, bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit.

Amber Distinct scents with full-bodied, rich and warming tones. Notes may include vanilla, leather, pepper, tonka bean and woods.

Floral Blossoming aromas that complement each other with notes such as jasmine, mimosa, rose, freesia and peony.

Herbal Botanical scents are believed to have soothing, relaxing qualities and may use notes of lavender, sweet orange, geranium and cedarwood.

Gourmand Mouth-watering ‘edible’ scents, with hints of vanilla, caramel, coffee, chocolate and honey.

Fruity Sweet berry bases or more tropical scents, often with notes of pomegranate, apple, fig or rhubarb.

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Select the right scent for each room

Living room: Match scents to the occasion, or time of year, and avoid anything overpowering. Experiment with clean cotton or vanilla fragrance to create a calm ambience, or up the cosiness with spicy scents .

Bathroom: Fresh, clean scents with an outdoorsy feel are perfect for the bathroom. We recommend our seashells room spray from our Library of Scent range . ​

Bedroom: Bedrooms call for calming scents , such as lavender or sage, to help you relax. Notes of soothing lavender and sandalwood are ideal – consider the Calm or Tranquil ranges from Apothecary .​

Home office: Look for scents that aid focus and concentration. Light an orange, bergamot & lemongrass-scented candle by Fragrance Society to boost your morning routine .

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How to care for home fragrance

Electric diffusers: Essential oils leave behind a residue that can clog up electric diffusers , so it’s important to clean your diffuser regularly. After each use, wipe with a cloth to remove any excess oil or water. When the diffuser is in use, fragrance levels can be increased by adding more oil drops to the water base.

Candles: When using for the first time, ensure you burn for a few hours to allow the scent to develop and release. Keep the wax pool clear of debris, including matches and match heads, to ensure a safe burn. Keep wicks trimmed – a longer wick will create a bigger flame that can leave soot around the rim of the jar.

Reed diffusers: We recommend using five to seven reeds in your diffuser. In larger rooms, or for a stronger scent, add more diffuser reeds . Flip your reeds weekly to refresh the fragrance, and replace the reeds if you’re using diffuser refills. Avoid positioning by windowsills and radiators, as this leads to quicker evaporation.

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To help you match the rooms in your house with popular scents,
we’ve put together this handy guide to show you which fragrance you need to elevate each space:

*Data is based on average searches for candle scents across Google, Pinterest & Amazon over 1 year (2022)

Words: Dulcie Emerson