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Throw a pizza party 

Perfect for family nights in, our amazing-value Pizza Night Dine In includes two pizzas and two sides for only £12

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The ultimate family feast 

Looking for a wallet-friendly serves-four dinner? Look no further than our iconic Pizza Night Dine In. For only £12, pick up two stonebaked pizzas, (including vegan gluten-free options) and two indulgent sides, like oozy mac ‘n’ cheese bites and dirty fries. 

Offer available in selected stores only – subject to availability. Prices may vary in selected stores.

Ham and mushroom pizza
  • Stonebaked triple hot pepperoni pizza

    Fiery tomatoes, cheese, pepperoni, hot green and red jalapenos and a spicy chilli sauce

    Stonebaked cheese and tomato pizza (V)

    Mozzarella, cheddar and a rich tomato sauce

    Stonebaked pepperoni pizza

    Mozzarella, spicy pepperoni and a rich tomato sauce

    Stonebaked smoky barbecue chicken pizza

    Smoky barbecue onions, grilled red peppers and a sweet barbecue sauce

    Stonebaked cheese and ham pizza

    Tender smoked British ham, mozzarella and cheddar

    Stonebaked ham and pineapple pizza

    Tender smoked British ham and juicy pineapple with mozzarella

    Stonebaked magnificently meaty pizza

    Fiery marinated chicken, beechwood smoked bacon and pepperoni

    Stonebaked feta and caramelised onion pizza (V)

    Hand-stretched pizza with caramelised red onions and crumbly feta

    Made Without Wheat gluten-free margherita pizza (V)

    Tomato sauce, mozzarella and cheddar gluten-free pizza

    Plant Kitchen stonebaked vegan three-cheese pizza (Ve)

    Tomato sauce and a trio of vegan cheeses

    S'more pizza

    A stonebaked pizza topped with chocolate sauce, white and milk chocolate drops, biscuit balls and marshmallows

  • Chicken munchies

    Bite-sized chicken breast pieces coated in a golden crumb

    Mac ‘n’ cheese bites (V)

    Oozy macaroni cheese coated in a crispy golden crumb

    Mozzarella sticks (V)

    Melty mozarella coated in a crispy golden crumb

    Dirty fries 

    Cajun-spiced fries topped with Monterey Jack cheddar cheese, bacon, jalapeño sauce and mozzarella

    Garlic doughballs (V)

    Doughballs filled with oozing garlic butter 

    Crispy mushrooms (V)

    Mushrooms coated in a crispy panko crumb

    Loaded potato skins

    Filled with mature cheddar, smoked bacon and spring onions 

    Frites (V)

    Thin-cut chips in a lightly seasoned batter

    Chewy triple chocolate cookie traybake (V)

    Finished with a smooth chocolate sauce and white, milk and dark chocolate chunks 

    Piri piri chips (V)

    Chips with a little kick of piri piri salt

    Mushroom arancini (V)

    With a cheese sauce centre 

    Beef burger spring rolls

    Crisp spring rolls filled with British beef, gherkins, caramelised onions with a burger sauce for dunking

    Sweet and crunchy salad (Ve)

    Mixed leaf salad with sweetcorn, cabbage, carrots and red peppers

    Jalapeño poppers (V)

    Cream cheese bites spiked with spicy jalapeño chilli and coated in crispy breadcrumbs

    Plant Kitchen no-chicken Southern-fried tenders (Ve)

    Succulent pea-protein pieces coated in a Southern-fried crumb