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Wine from your holidays

Already had this year's holiday and reminiscing about all those deliciously long evenings spent sipping wine and sampling the local food? Recreate your summer Euro trip and transport yourself back to the taste of sunshine with our mouth-watering guide to some of France, Italy and Spain's best wines

A taste of France

Think of fine wine and it's likely that France will be front of mind. A place with miles and miles of undulating vineyards, coastal wine-producing terroirs and pockets of chalky soil that are perfect for producing its most famous export, champagne, it's unsurprising that holiday makers head here for a glass of crisp chablis or a bottle of burgundy as much as they do seaside holidays and impeccable cuisine.

Our pick from France

Provence in the south is famous for two things: swathes of rich purple lavender fields and being France’s rosé region. Get a taste of the area with a dry variety like our soft pink Coteaux Varois and a plate of soft brie and crusty baguette.

France makes red wine in abundance, from the Rhone Valley to Bordeaux and Beaujeu, which makes one of the most famous reds of the region: vin primeur (young wine) beaujolais. Channel the elegance of this country’s wine regions with a smooth Roussillon red like our Les Voiles de Paulilles Collioure, which is made on the foothills of the Pyrenees and goes well with provincial French dishes like cassoulet.


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A taste of Italy

Bold, punchy reds served up with cured meat and fiery, tomato-smeared pasta dishes is usually what you can expect from a wine-making powerhouse like Italy. As well as the full-bodied reds it produces in spades, this country also makes a whole spectrum of impressive whites, from ultra-dry pinot grigio to sweet sparkling asti and, of course, the ever-popular fizz, prosecco.

Our pick from Italy

If you’ve visited the sun-soaked island of Sicily this year, reproduce a little taste of this warm Italian province with a local grape variety, like our spicy Nero D'Avola Sicilia. Made from prized grapes grown right there on the island, this will stand up to a hearty bowl of pasta or steak and goes especially well with hard cheeses.

Sometimes, only a light and lemony glass of prosecco will do, which is why ours is a top-rated best-seller, but, if you want to try something a little different, opt for a soft Italian white like a fiano. Fiano is planted all over Italy, but its true home is in the hills a few hour’s drive from Naples in Benevento. Our un-oaked Fiano Sannio has delicate pear flavours and refreshing mineral finish to make it ideal as an ice-cold aperitif for the last of your summer parties.


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A taste of Spain

When it comes to Spain, sometimes it’s hard to see beyond the hugely popular region of Rioja, or past tempranillo, which is grown all over the country. As well as these hard-hitting reds, Spain has a wealth of delicious options, from ultra-dry sherry from holiday hot spot Andalucía in the south to sparkling cava from Cataluña in the northern coastal reaches.

Our pick from Spain

If you’ve been to perpetually sunny Andalucía, where you’ll find the gateway to the Costa del Sol and some of Spain’s most beautiful cities including Granada and Seville, then you’ll probably have sampled some of the region’s famous almonds. Our Fresquito Pedro Ximénez is packed with lemony tones and the distinctly nutty flavour of blanched almonds and goes well with tapas, Iberico ham and, of course, a bowl of roasted almonds.

Sharp, sparkling and packed with green apples and pears, a bottle of cava is a sure-fire winner. Don’t wait until a party to crack open a case of Spain’s favourite fizz, our brut cava prestige is produced exclusively for us and goes with everything from seafood to orange juice when mixed into a speedy Bucks Fizz cocktail.


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France, Italy and Spain aren't the only European countries that make exceptional fizz, England makes award-winning varieties of their own

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There's more to Italian bubbles than prosecco, although that's a great place to start. Try a world of fizz including lambrusco and spumante

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