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Supplier spotlight: Cornish Cruncher cheddar

Find out more about how our award-winning, exclusive-to-M&S Cornish Cruncher cheddar is made, meet our supplier and discover delicious recipe inspiration

Blocks of Cornish Cruncher

This not just any cheddar…

This is M&S Cornish Cruncher cheddar! Made from super-creamy Cornish milk and exclusively for M&S by the Davidstow Creamery, our Cornish Cruncher really is the cream of the crop! Try it in sarnies, on cheese boards, in an oozy mac and cheese or discover Chris’s delicious recipe ideas.

Tasting is believing, so pick up our Cornish Cruncher in store now.

The creamiest Cornish milk


Trusted M&S Select Farmers produce the milk for this award-winning cheese. Plenty of rainfall and warmer-than-average temperatures in south-west England make the perfect climate for grass-growing and allowing the cows to graze outside for longer. The end result? Milk that’s rich, extra creamy and ideal for cheese-making. The milk then travels just 20 minutes from Trevigo Farm to the Davidstow Creamery to be made into the top-quality cheddar you know and love.


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M&S Select Farmers Joe and Gemma at Trevigo Farm, Cornwall, with their herd
A man inspects cheese at the Davidstow Creamery

Davidstow Creamery

Having produced our exclusive-to-M&S Cornish CruncherTM cheddar for 17 years, the Davidstow Creamery in Cornwall sure knows a thing or two about producing the very best cheese! The expert team, who have been perfecting cheddar recipes for almost 70 years, took inspiration from their surroundings, between the rugged north Cornwall coast and its lush green pastures, when making our Cornish CruncherTM. The cheddar is matured for longer than other cheeses to develop its rich, savoury and nutty flavours, creamy texture and signature natural crunchy salty ‘crystals’. 

The Davidstow Creamery also produces our Cornish Cove cheddar, which is also made from Cornish milk and has slightly more subtle flavours and is even creamier.