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This is not just coffee…

This is 100% Fairtrade, next-level delicious M&S coffee, whether you’re grabbing a cup of instant or grinding your own beans


Speciality grade beans – always


We all have our preferences when it comes to making coffee at home. Whatever you fancy, our specialist team makes sure you’re getting the very best flavour in every cup, every time.

All our beans, ground, bags and pods are Fairtrade, arabica and premium grade.

We offer a range of coffee blends, spanning light to dark roasts and including our delicious new blonde coffee, so you can choose your favourite flavour profile.


Our speciality-grade single-origin coffee is sourced by our specialist coffee buyers from the world’s best coffee-growing regions, then quality graded for a superior taste.

Plus, look out for our limited-edition hyper-local guest coffees, sourced from single growers and truly something special.


100% Fairtrade, always

At M&S, all our tea and coffee has been Fairtrade-certified since 2006. We’re proud to have long-standing relationships with Fairtrade cooperatives, some of which date back decades, that have a huge impact on coffee producers, their families and wider communities.

Why is Fairtrade so important? Every one of the producers we work with receives a fairer price for their crop and an additional premium to spend on projects of their choice. That means that, by choosing Fairtrade, you could be supporting producers to invest in a school or hospital, gain access to clean drinking water, purchase renewable-energy cooking stoves or plant trees. In 2019 alone, we generated more than £1.5m in Fairtrade Premium for coffee and tea producers, and, last year, we generated more Fairtrade Premium for producers through our coffee sales than any other UK retailer.

Better yet, Fairtrade coffee not only means you’re supporting a better quality of life for producers but you’re also getting a better-quality coffee. One quarter of the premium funds that Fairtrade coffee producers receive is invested in improving the quality of their coffee beans, which means better tasting coffee for you!

100% Fairtrade, always
All about single origin

All about single origin


Want to explore some of the incredible flavour profiles of coffee from around the world? Our single-origin coffee is for you.


Sourced from a single country by our expert coffee buyers, working with our M&S coffee partners around the world, these premium-grade coffees are taste-tested and speciality graded for exceptional flavour.


Our Colombian single-origin coffee gets its incredible aroma thanks to the country’s unique growing conditions: the high altitudes and volcanic soil lead to a coffee with sweet caramel notes and a hint of acidity. Our Peruvian single-origin coffee, meanwhile, has notes of almond, walnut and bittersweet chocolate, and our nutty Brazilian single-origin beans – grown on small farms dotted on the slopes of Sul de Minas – have mellow, chocolatey undertones.


Not sure where to start? Our packs come with handy tasting notes, so you can taste your way around the world, one single-origin cup at a time.

How to make great coffee at home

“No matter how much time you have to devote to coffee-making, I guarantee you can enjoy a delicious cup,” says M&S coffee expert Rachel Chatterton. “Our range includes everything – from instant to our fantastic ground coffee and coffee bags, which are perfect for flasks to take for a walk (just brew for four minutes). At the weekend, I love to grind my own beans and try different single-origin brews – a personal favourite is our Peruvian single origin, which has notes of chocolate and almond.” 


“When it comes to making coffee at home,” says Rachel, “there are so many ways to enjoy it, from V60 to Nespresso machines – personally, I love to brew a large cafetiere to take me through my morning, but if I’m in a hurry, I go for a Colombian Nespresso-compatible capsule.”

“Store your coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. It’s best to use your beans within two weeks if possible – M&S has a range of pack sizes. Grinding your own coffee is a great way to ensure you taste it at its freshest.”

How to make great coffee at home