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Having the right duvet can make a huge difference to your sleep quality, but it can be tricky to know where to start Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the best bedding for you


Natural duvet fillings

You can either choose a natural or synthetic filling for your duvet. Each one has different benefits, so the filling that is right for you is the one that best fits your needs and preferences.

One of the advantages of a natural filling such as wool or goose down is their ability to regulate your body temperature throughout the year. Thanks to the natural fibres found in these duvets, your skin can truly breathe as you sleep. For a lighter feel without sacrificing thermal performance, choose one with a higher down content. If you prefer a cosy, weighted duvet, opt for one with a higher feather content.

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Synthetic duvet fillings

A synthetic duvet is plumper and often heavier than a natural duvet. It can be filled with hollow fibres or microfibres. Hollow fibres are thicker and easily trap warmth, whereas microfibres are extra-fine and can often mimic the qualities of natural duvets. All our synthetic duvets are made with recycled polyester.

Our Soft as Down duvets are designed to give a down-like feel whilst our Ultimate Comfort range stays feeling full for the most ultimate night’s sleep. Our Supremely Washable range is quick drying, so you can have it washed, dried and back on the bed in the same day, for a fresher, healthier sleep.

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Duvets for every need

Everyone has their own individual needs when it comes to sleeping and we have a range of specialist duvets to help you get the best night's sleep. Our Body Temperature Control duvet is ideal for those whose body temperature varies at night. It’s designed to keep you warm when it’s cool and cool when its warm, complimenting the skin’s natural ability to regulate temperature.

Allergy sufferers should try our ultimate anti-allergy duvet, which is endorsed by Allergy UK. It uses naturally derived probiotics to help break down allergens such as dust mites, pet hair and pollen.

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Tog ratings explained

The tog rating refers to the effectiveness of the duvet to retain heat – the higher the tog, the warmer you will be when you’re snuggled beneath it. Here at M&S we offer a wide variety of duvets at different togs to suit every need.

1-4.5 tog – perfect for warmer days in the summer months

6-10.5 tog – ideal for the in between months when the weather is cooler

13.5-15 tog – the best choice for winter when the nights are coldest

We also offer a handy All Seasons duvet, a 3-in-1 combination of our 4.5 and 9 tog duvets that can be attached together for the cold winter months and separated for the summer ones.

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Words: Richard A Smith