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A spotlight on M&S cocoa

Learn more about our 100% responsibly sourced cocoa, our commitment to supporting cocoa farmers and just a few of our delicious chocolate products
100% responsibly sourced cocoa

All M&S cocoa is responsibly sourced

From chocolate bars to cakes and desserts, cocoa is a key ingredient in many of your M&S favourites. Cocoa is usually grown in locations close to the equator, such as the Ivory Coast and Ghana, where life for small holder farmers can be hard due to unpredictable incomes, climate change and challenging farming conditions. We want to play our part in helping resolve these issues and support our cocoa farmers, so we have had a responsible cocoa programme in place since 2016. We work with recognised schemes, such as Fairtrade, the Rainforest Alliance and Cocoa Horizons, to make sure 100% of the cocoa we use is responsibly sourced. Through the promotion of sustainable farming practices, improved productivity and community development, our aim is to invest in schemes that help improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities.



Supporting Fairtrade

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