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Keen on quinoa

British quinoa is being grown across the UK from Shropshire to Norfolk – discover what makes it extra
special and nutritious

Why choose quinoa?

Pronounced 'keen-wah', it’s the health-food lover’s new favourite and originates from South America. Luckily, it's a favourite we can now enjoy knowing it has traveled far fewer miles before reaching our plates. M&S supplier Stephen Jones, a sixth-generation farmer and founder of The British Quinoa Company, is key in making that possible.

"We’ve been researching how to grow quinoa in the UK for 10 years now," says Stephen, "and we’ve managed to produce a seed that retains all of its nutty, flavourful outer skin, making it a wholegrain." Just one of the reasons quinoa is a healthy addition to your store cupboard, as well as a good plant-based source of protein, especially in vegetarian diets.

Look out for both white and toasted quinoa in store. The toasted variety is a filling base for hearty salads while white quinoa is great stirred into soups to add body and texture. Swap your rice and couscous for either type of quinoa to add a little extra protein to your plate.

Spoonfuls of grain

Quinoa recipes for every meal

Brilliant for breakfast

Try puffed quinoa (popped in a pan like popcorn) with creamy yoghurt and shredded apple for a healthy breakfast

See the recipe

Delicious at dinner

A hearty and filling family meal, this traybake with quinoa, prosciutto and butter beans is perfect for midweek

See the recipe

A lovely light lunch

Ready in half an hour and perfect for prepping in bulk, this salad will revolutionise your approach to packed lunch

See the recipe

A suitable snack

Tuck into the new egg and avocado protein pot – a balanced blend of vegetarian protein, healthy fats and wholegrain quinoa

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