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If you try one thing... make it Federica Arancello

When it comes to cocktails, we're all guilty of falling back on those old faithfuls. Add a dash of sunshine to your glass with our fruity Federica liqueur

A taste of Spain

Distilled in the heart of Valencia from the region’s finest tree-ripened oranges and inspired by the zesty limoncellos produced along the Amalfi coast in Italy, Federica is an intense burst of Spanish sunshine flavour. Made by distilling orange and grape must in an old alembic pot still, not only does this make a great cocktail, such as the recipe below, it's also great on pancakes, poured over ice cream or added to sangria.

Federica Fizz

20ml Federica
10ml homemade rosemary syrup (see recipe below)
100ml Bellante sparkling rosé

Make your own rosemary syrup by bringing equal measures of sugar and water to a gentle simmer on the stove, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Pour into a sterilised glass bottle or jar and add a few sprigs of rosemary. Remove the rosemary after four hours when it has infused.

To make the cocktail, measure all the ingredients into a champagne flute. Give it a stir and garnish with a twist of orange zest and a sprig of rosemary to serve.

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