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A taste of Italy

Embrace la dolce vita with these delicious new additions to the M&S Foodhall. From perfect pasta to the ooziest, creamiest risotto, they celebrate the authentic flavours and classic dishes from across Italy

Perfect pasta, pronto

It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. To create our new range of Italian dishes, M&S development chefs travelled to Rome to delve into the secrets behind perfectly silky, thinly rolled pasta. They worked with an Italian producer to develop our filled pasta range, including this basil pesto girasoli, in store now. It's handmade to a traditional recipe using only free-range eggs and soft wheat flour. The filling is a vibrant basil pesto, with just the right amount of crunchy pine nuts. This simple dish doesn't need a heavy sauce: simply melt a little butter a pan, then add a spoonful of the water you cooked the pasta in to create an emulsion. Finish with parmesan and a few torn basil leaves. Delicious alongside a glass of dry, refreshing white, such as our Trebbiano di Puglia.

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New this month: king prawn bucatini

Need a delicious dinner in a hurry? Dive into this fiery number from our new range of Italian prepared meals: silky bucatini pasta; plump king prawns and sweet, semi-dried Santarella tomatoes, with guajillo chilli flakes for an extra kick. The sauce is brought together with white wine and a sprinkling of fresh parsley: simple, but totally delicious. Serve with a glass of bone-dry Italian pinot grigio. Find this, along with the rest of the new Collections Italian range, in store now, priced at just £4 each. 

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The ultimate pasta guide

Lombardy: farfalle
The name comes from the Italian word for butterfly. Perfect with tomato and basil sauce.

Liguria: linguine
Wider and flatter than spaghetti but thinner than tagliatelle, linguine means ‘little tongues’. It's delicious with tomato and mascarpone sauce and your favourite seafood, such as prawns or mussels.

Emilia Romagna: tagliatelle
From the Italian 'to cut', these egg-rich ribbons are the perfect foil for traditional ragu, like bolognese. 

Lazio: spaghetti
While spaghetti is popular all over Italy, carbonara is a Roman icon, so serve these silky ribbons with the creamy sauce and plenty of parmesan.

Campania: penne
The name for these hollow tubes means ‘pen’, and they hail from the Campania region in southern Italy. Eat with n’duja and tomato sauce.

Sicily: rigatoni 
These chunky tubes come from the Italian word rigato, meaning 'ridged', and are closely tied to the cooking of southern Italy: enjoy with a punchy tomato, tuna and olive sauce.

Illustrated map of Italy with pasta shapes by region

Serve up an Italian feast

It's official: staying in is the new going out. Thanks to our new Italian range, you can enjoy restaurant-quality dishes from the comfort of home. Make our oozy roasted mushroom risotto, made with meaty chestnut and portobello mushrooms, plus dried porcini for a wonderful depth of flavour, the centre of your feast. It's topped with a mascarpone and truffle cream that you stir through before serving, creating a gorgeously glossy finish. Serve with our new golden, garlicky pesto flatbreads and a sprightly santini tomato salad, plus a glass of dry Italian rosé. And for the easiest ever dessert, simply pour espresso over vanilla ice cream to make a classic Italian affagato. Buon Appetito!

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Food inspiration

Meat and vegetarian lasagne

Host an Italian-style get together

Try a crowd-pleasing lasagne from our online Food to Order service: there won't be any leftovers

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Map of Italy by wine region

Raise a glass

Say saluti to our range of gorgeous Italian wines, craft gin and more, available to buy online

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Platter of cured meats

Irresistible antipasti

Start your Italian feasting with a selection of cured meats and cheeses, plus a negroni or two...

Antipasti, this way