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Find out how to protect your paint job against summer’s number one nail saboteur

Congratulations if you’ve perfected your pre-holiday manicure and pedicure without smudging it, but be warned, there’s another invisible force out to ruin your handiwork – sunshine. Just as your hair colour gets lighter in summer, invisible UV rays can fade bold nail polish shades, too. To the rescue, Leighton Denny’s Crystal Top Coat. Touch-dry in seconds, as well as giving nails a glamorous jewel-like sheen, this sun-savvy formula contains a UV filter to protect your favourite colour from doing a runner. Clever, right? Just use as the final step in your at-home manicure or pedicure.
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“PROTECT your nail polish from the
fading effects of the sun with
Leighton Denny’s top coat”