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Fishtail braid how-to How to tie a tie




Menswear editor


Whether it says black tie on the invite or you just want to give your weekend look a decidedly dapper edge, here’s how to avoid getting wrapped up in knots when only a bow tie will do

1. Lay the tie around your neck so the right side is longer than the left.

2. Wrap the long side over the shorter side and bring it under, up and through the gap by your neck.

3. Fold the short end back on itself to make the shape of the bow, bringing down the long end in front.

4. While pinching the bow shape to the front, find the hole behind it.

5. Fold the long, free end back towards your body to make a second bow shape, then pass it through the hole.

6. Pull the two folded ends to tighten and then rearrange so the bow is even and plumped.
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