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How to tie a bow tie Pocket square how-to




Menswear editor


Whether it’s for work or a wedding, every man should master tying a tie. If this rite of passage has passed you by, it’s not too late – learn how to ace a classic Windsor knot here

1. Lay the tie around your neck so the wide side is longer than the slim – the slim side should be roughly at belly button height.

2. Lay the wide side over the slim side and bring it under, up and through the gap by your neck.

3. Bring the wide side down to the left and then around the back of the thin end to the right.

4. Take the wide side up in front of your face and down through the gap by your neck.

5. Pull the wide side through and to the right, then wrap across the front.

6. Pass the wide end back behind and up through the gap by your neck and back down through the loop at the front.

7. Tighten by pulling down the wide end and slide up holding the slim end. Adjust the knot.
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