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Shelf filled with M&S Made Without Wheat pasta, flours, breads and baked goods




Photographer: Tara Fisher

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



Deputy food editor


Are you a coeliac, or following a gluten-free diet? Our Made Without Wheat range means you won’t miss out on your favourites

One in 10 people in the UK now avoids gluten and, happily, it’s never been easier to do. Available in store, our Made Without Wheat range contains all you need to stock your pantry. There are everyday staples like pasta, crusty sourdough loaves and sliced bread, plus cooks’ essentials such as flour and baking powder. For breakfast, keep our fruit, nut and seed muesli and porridge oats on hand, as well as flaky Danish pastries and blueberry muffins. Celebrations are covered too, thanks to our make-it-yourself orange and poppy-seed cake mix, brownie bites, and party-ready crisps and cookies. Look out for new launches in store this month, including our Made Without Wheat pizza base and Bakewell slice. And since everything’s made in a controlled environment, you can enjoy it with confidence.
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“Thanks to these STORE-CUPBOARD
essentials, going gluten free has never
tasted so good”