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Made Without

Our Made Without range is designed to make gluten and dairy free diets exciting and delicious. With a variety of options available throughout our stores, and the introduction of more and more products every season doesn't mean you have to miss out on your favourites

Introducing the made without wheat range

Made Without Wheat

We can’t imagine a life without bread and cake, and you shouldn’t have to either. Our Made Without Wheat range features delicious bread, cakes and groceries, developed specifically for those following a gluten-free diet.

The Made Without Wheat range is guaranteed to give you all the great taste and flavour you expect from M&S food and spans a whole range of delicious options including a variety of meals, sandwiches, breads, birthday cakes, pasta and sweet treats.

All of our Made Without products are made in a controlled environment so you can trust that they’re safe for you to enjoy. Every Made Without Wheat item has the gluten free logo on its packaging and can be found in most of our stores.

Made Without Dairy

Looking for an alternative to dairy? Whether it’s by choice or a dietary requirement, our Made With Dairy range offers a great selection of delicious alternatives to traditionally milk-based foods and recipes. Enjoy oat, almond, rice coconut or soy as a tasty alternative on your cereal or in your tea and watch out for things like creamy coconut yogurt in store.

All of our Made Without Dairy products are made in a controlled environment so you can enjoy them free from worry.

Introducing the made without dairy range

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