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Woman applying and peeling off GlamGlow’s Gravity mud Firming Treatment

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Beauty editor


We’re willing to bet you’ve never seen (or tried) anything like GlamGlow’s peel-off face mask

Nothing sends the internet into a frenzy faster than a beauty product with a bit of pizazz (nail polish mani markers anyone?). The catch? To hit the big time, it’s got to deliver actual results alongside its Instagrammable wow-factor credentials. Ticking those boxes and more: GlamGlow’s Anti-Gravity Firming Treatment. A futuristic-looking face mask that’s packed with anti-aging actives, the formula goes on white (it comes with its own dinky application brush), changes colour to a bright metallic silver and after 20 minutes peels off in a single sheet leaving skin looking tighter and lifted. It’s one face mask that’s made for showing off on your social media feed.
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“GlamGlow’s PHENOMENAL peel-off
face mask makes skin look
out of this world