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Love Marmite®?

Introducing our must-try and exclusive-to-M&S Marmite® cheese slices, Marmite® butter, Marmite® cream cheese and more in store and give our tasty recipe ideas a try

Picnic pinwheels

Our dinky cheddar and Marmite® pinwheels are perfect for picnics and summer snacking! Tuck into delicious pastry with swirls of Marmite® and flavour-packed cheddar cheese. Serve cold or heat in the oven for maximum cheesiness! 

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Marmite® cheese slices 

Combining cheddar with signature Marmite® flavour, our new Marmite® cheese slices are next-level delicious! Add these flavour-packed slices to a burger, use to top crumpets or melt on toast with honey-roast ham. 

Pick up our new Marmite® cheese slices in store now.

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Give your cooking a flavour boost

Packed full of signature Marmite® flavour and created especially for M&S, our Marmite® butter and Marmite® cream cheese are set to become your new fridge favourites. Try melting our Marmite® butter on your potatoes, corn on the cob or roasted parsnips for extra depth and saltiness. Why not top a rump steak with a generous portion of the butter for added meatiness? Our Marmite® cream cheese is perfect on toasted bagels or makes an excellent cheesy pizza topping.

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Mega Marmite® spaghetti

For a fuss-free and truly delicious mid-week meal, make our tasty Marmite® spaghetti dish. Simply cook your spaghetti until al dente and fry some pancetta until crispy. Once both have cooked, stir the pancetta through the spaghetti, along with some of our Marmite® butter and chopped parsley. Top with grated pecorino or parmesan cheese. Perfecto!

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More cheese, please 

Cheesy, tangy, buttery crumpets? Yes please! Serve up the ultimate Marmite snack or brunch with these Marmite® rarebits. Make a simple roux by melting our Marmite® butter with cheese, flour and seasoning. Whisk over a low heat until it’s thick and velvety. Lightly toast our sourdough crumpets, pour over the sauce, top with mature cheddar cheese and pop under the grill until golden and bubbling.

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The very best bagel brunch

Want to switch up your Saturday brunch? Take it to the next level with Marmite® cream cheese. Try toasting and topping our sourdough bagels with our silky-smooth Marmite® cream cheese, crispy smoked streaky bacon, sliced avocado, sweet roasted cherry tomatoes and basil. 

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Marmite® is a trademark of Unilever plc and is used under license. All rights reserved

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