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From bite-sized delights to top tipples, here’s how to make New Year's Eve at home taste amazing. The key ingredients? Some extra-special creations you can pick up in store, some tasty recipe ideas and a sprinkling of M&S festive magic...
Plate of ham with cornichons and mustard

Hero hams

Perfect for New Year’s Eve charcuterie boards, our range of delicious hams is available in store. Pick up our Collection prosciutto arrosto that’s cured with fresh rosemary and sage. Or try our new Collection truffle prosciutto cotto that’s marinated with summer truffles and slow cooked to produce a ham that’s delicate, succulent and full of flavour. For those who love choice, our Italian cooked meat platter is perfect! Finally, pull out all the stops with our Collection roast Iberico pork that has a distinctively nutty flavour and is glazed with sweet honey.

Canapés with a ’nduja kick

Made from spicy salami, locally grown chillies and olive oil from Calabria, our new Collection ’nduja paste adds punchy flavour to canapés. Try spreading this flavour-packed paste on crostini and top with mozzarella, torn basil, black olives and a drizzle of olive oil for a spicy twist on a classic bruschetta. It’s also delicious on pizzas, stirred into family-favourite pasta dishes or added to bread dough. Pick up the paste in store now.

Brushetta topped with ’nduja paste, olives and basil
Selection of festive canapés

Wow-worthy nibbles 

Try whipping up a few simple yet impressive nibbles for your family this New Year's Eve. First, spread toasted sourdough with Our Best Ever smoked salmon pâté and garnish with thinly sliced radishes. Try wrapping our black garlic chorizo around breadsticks for a crunchy, salty morsel. Finally, for cheese lovers, melt our Collection truffle brie on to rounds of baguette, then drizzle with our Collection single-estate honey and top with thyme.

Melty cheese heaven

Our Collection molten-mountain cheese bake features a rich sauce of Gruyère, Comté and Emmental, topped with roasted onions, lardons and raclette. Simply heat and serve with crusty toasted sourdough or roasted new potatoes. Available in store now.

Collection molten-mountain cheese bake
Three ways with prosecco rosé

Think pink

Raise a glass to 2021 with our delicious prosecco rosé ideas. Serve the prosecco rosé with blended frozen strawberries for a pink bellini that’s perfect served with canapés or your New Year's Day brunch. For cocktail and canapé hour at home, add a sprinkle of our ‘pink up your drink’ – a mix of dried hibiscus and rose petals that adds a pink hue and a delicate fruity flavour – to glasses of prosecco rosé. Finally, for a grown-up granita that’s the perfect post-dinner palate cleanser, mix the prosecco rosé with cooled sugar syrup, then freeze and top with berries.

The ultimate smoked salmon

Our Best Ever smoked salmon is made by our master smoker on the shores of Scotland’s Spey Bay; it’s cured with Halen Môn sea salt and twice smoked over oak and chestnut for incredible succulence and a delicate flavour.

For an elegant starter, serve on rye bread with crème fraîche, cucumber ribbons, quick-pickled red onions, lemon wedges and champagne.

Our Best Ever smoked salmon served as a festive starter
Selection of continental cheeses

Festive cheese? Yes, please!

Our new continental cheese selection is an expertly curated mixture of European cheeses: manchego PDO, tangy blue Montagnolo made with triple cream, silky French brie and super-creamy Epoisses.

Simply serve with figs, grapes, nuts and crackers and a glass of your favourite wine. Our Classics California chardonnay, which packs in ripe mango and citrus flavours, is a great pairing. 

Amazing antipasti

Our new and oh-so-Instagrammable continental antipasti wreath features Italian prosciutto crudo, salami Milano, Nocellara olives, Spanish chorizo and manchego cheese in a picture-perfect wreath shape.

The perfect tipple alongside? Our crisp and dry Classics prosecco, with its notes of apple and pear, is the perfect foil for the salty, rich flavours.

Antipasti wreath platter
Collection chocolate cream served as a festive fondue with fruits and sweet treats

A chocolatey treat

Our Collection ultimate thick and rich chocolate cream is made with rich Jersey and Guernsey cream and Italian dark chocolate.

Deliciously decadent, it’s perfect melted into a festive fondue. Serve with clementines, berries, figs, pretzels, mini meringues and Scotch pancakes cut into star shapes for a deliciously sweet treat to enjoy at home with the family.

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