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Food trends for 2016

2015 was the year of Korean street food, cauliflower and the spread of ‘brinner’ – that’s breakfast for lunch and dinner to you and me – and 2016 is shaping up to be just as interesting with new health trends, BBQ innovations and poshed-up basics on the menu

Food trends 2016

We caught up with food and wine editor Emma Sleight and Kathryn Turner from the trends team to get a rundown of what we’ll be eating this year.


“The idea of fashionable food can be off-putting for some people,” Emma explains. “It’s like haute couture on the runway – lovely to look at but it doesn’t necessarily work in real life. That’s why M&S works at adapting trends, translating them into real food that you actually want to eat every day by working with product developers who scour the world for inspiration and new ingredients. We’re basically on a quest to find that perfect balance between food that excites and innovates.”


“We constantly keep up with the food world by following food publications and blogs, attending conferences and working with our network of food consultants to find out what's happening in the restaurant and chef landscape all over the world,” says Kathryn.


“Last year, for example, our Taste of the British Isles campaign stemmed from the interest in local, regional and seasonal food and we researched traditional recipes from the British Isles and, in some cases, gave them a modern twist.”


What’s new for M&S


Health continues to be a big trend for 2016, with a focus on whole grains, plant-based diets and good fats.


We’re making it easier for you to choose healthier options too with our brand-new ranges of spiralised vegetables and healthy snacks for on the go eating, like dried apple crisps and savoury air-popped popcorn.

Top food trends for 2016

1. Vegetables in everything from cakes through to cocktails, with seaweed starting to emerge as a seasoning as well as an ingredient.

2. Spicy food – the love for the hot stuff continues with menus are getting hotter and hotter.

3. Condiments – they’ve gone crazy with chefs creating their own signature versions.

4. Posh food every day. Think traditionally luxe ingredients like truffle being added to everyday foods, such as our Christmas Lobster Mac and Cheese Pots.

5. Gourmet nostalgia, which means taking classic recipes and reinventing them in a modern way.

6. Fermented products are becoming more common as customers become interested in old-fashioned techniques and the probiotic health benefits of pickling and preserving.

7. BBQ and grilling – chefs are using burnt and charred flavours to heighten the depth of flavour in their dishes.

8. Smoked everything – this trend is continuing into 2016, with smokey flavours used in chocolate, salt, and even ice and cocktails.

9. Extreme ageing processes are being used for spirits, butters and cheese.

10. Insects – they're being used as an alternative source of protein and we're seeing them used whole or ground into a flour and baked.

Food trends 2016

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