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Best in season: Tomatoes

Sweet and juicy, in beautiful sunset hues, tomatoes are one of our best-loved homegrown crops. In honour of British Tomato Week, 22-28 May, we're showing off just how versatile this sun-ripened fruit can be

The best of British

Red, orange, green and gold – our glorious British-grown tomatoes are bursting with colour and flavour.

As the sun rises over a farm on the Isle of Wight, plump, shiny tomatoes are picked from their vines before the heat of the day closes in. They grow in abundance, in different shapes, colours and sizes. In fact, award-winning producer Brian Moralee (who has been learning how to grow tomatoes since he was four) searches the world for the best varieties to grow, and today he is nurturing more than 130 – and still hasn't lost his passion for it.

"No two days are the same," says Brian. "We’re constantly looking to improve how we operate, finding new varieties and running our business in a sustainable way. The most satisfying part is making a change – to the irrigation, for example – then watching the plant’s response."

And the best way to enjoy them? Luckily for time-poor cooks, great raw ingredients often need little fuss – enjoy them at room temperature, with just a drizzle of oil and a sprinkling of salt and some torn basil.

British red, yellow, purple and orange tomatoes

Major toms

Not all tomatoes are created equal. On offer in stores this month, our new range of British tomatoes – in a riot of flavours and colours – reflects the diversity of this ever-popular sun-ripened fruit.

We've created a mixed pack of our much-loved sweet and crunchy piccolini cherry tomatoes on the vine, with red and yellow varieties.Throw into salads, keep on hand for al desko snacking, or try them slow-roasted to bring out their natural sugars.

The wonderful array of flavours found in tomatoes is showcased in our British fruit salad tomato mix, which brings together colourful varieties such as gooseberry, citrus and apricot. With tastes spanning super sweet and juicy to refreshingly tart, they make a sensational salad. Simply dress with olive oil, plenty of flaky sea salt, and a few torn basil leaves, and, ideally, eat in the sunshine.

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