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The modern Argyle polo




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Menswear editor

The modern
Argyle polo

Pitch-perfect for warmer weather, this sporting classic has been given a luxe makeover, says menswear editor Ian Wright

Golf; not the first sport that comes to mind when considering matters of style. Voluminous plus fours, giant belt buckles, retina-burning bright plaid trousers and the players’ “experimental” attitude to dressing hardly set the game apart in the sartorial stakes. However, one thing it can rightly be proud of is its unbreakable association with the classic Argyle pattern. Most commonly found on knitwear, the Argyle’s interlocking diamond shapes have been favoured by golfers ever since the Duke of Windsor popularised them in the Twenties. The beauty of this Blue Harbour example is that the elegant grey hue perfectly showcases the 3D intarsia texture, while the short-sleeved knitted polo style is a more modern interpretation of a well-loved favourite. A piece to really drive you into the new season.
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“Golfing HERITAGE and modern
styling make this a summer essential”

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