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Ren Anti-Pollution Face Mist




Photographer: Luke Kirwan

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Emma Robertson

Beauty editor


If you’re fed up with skin that looks tired before you even start work, commuter-proof it with Ren’s skin-brightening anti-pollution face mist

Any city dweller knows that rush-hour travel isn’t pretty – and it’s not just about keeping your cool during a traffic jam or when you’re squished into the armpit of someone challenged in the deodorant department. Nope. I’m talking about ‘commuter face’ – beauty speak for the skin-sapping and aging effect environmental pollutants have on your complexion. Short of moving to the country, Ren’s Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist is your best urban insurance policy. Supercharged with majorly effective antioxidants, it promises to form an instant and invisible shield between you and nasties like exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke, plus you can spray it over make-up for lunch and home-time top-ups. It’s the breath of fresh air exhausted city skin-types have been gasping for.
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“Breathe FRESH life into
exhausted city skin with
Ren’s anti-pollution mist”

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