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From coast to country, we head behind the scenes of the M&S spring/summer 2014 advertising campaign featuring eight great British women.

In the Moment: Leading Ladies

Take eight inspiring UK women, one iconic fashion photographer and two quintessentially British backdrops. What do you get? The M&S spring/summer 2014 Leading Ladies advertising campaign. We joined Annie Leibovitz and the Leading Ladies – actress Emma Thompson, singer-songwriters Annie Lennox and Rita Ora, campaigner Baroness Lawrence, supermodel Alek Wek, chef Rachel Khoo, designer Lulu Kennedy and structural engineer Roma Agrawal – on location in coastal Camber Sands, East Sussex, and the idyllic Cotswolds countryside to capture those stolen behind-the-scenes moments and find out what the experience meant to them. This is what our Leading Ladies said...

ANNIE LENNOX: “This is the first campaign I’ve ever done – but who could resist being part of such a great line-up… What I’ve enjoyed about this shoot is the diversity... and everyone’s found an item that works for them.”

EMMA THOMPSON: “This has been a wonderful experience because it’s such a fascinating group; they’re all so different and they’ve all achieved so much… I think that there is something revolutionary about making an advert for women with actual women in it.”

RITA ORA: “I was so blessed [when I got the call from M&S about the campaign], because it was almost like a verification in my mind [that I’d become] a woman. The first

thing I did was [tell my mum]: ‘Mum, I’ve made it, I’m a lady!’”

BARONESS LAWRENCE: “Whenever I see adverts for Marks & Spencer, there’s always a big celebrity involved so I was a bit taken aback [when asked to do the campaign]. I said, ‘Really, you want to do a shoot with me?’ I was very honoured.”

ROMA AGRAWAL: “Annie Leibovitz is wiping mud off of my boots – that’s not something I expected to happen in my life!”

LULU KENNEDY: “When [M&S] called me I actually thought they were asking who I would like to put forward [for the campaign]. I was desperately trying to think who would be a good fit, and they were like, ‘No, we mean you’, and I was like, ‘Wow!’”

RACHEL KHOO: “It’s been quite a surreal experience. When I do food shoots, it’s like ‘bang’, it’s done, and this [shoot involved] big lights and 50 people running around on these walkie-talkies.”

ALEK WEK: “This was amazing. This was a celebration of women and of different generations. This is one of the gigs that I will never forget, and it’s so nice to work with a female photographer.”

“I think there’s something REVOLUTIONARY about making an advert for women with actual women in it.” – Emma Thompson”


From hair and make-up to working the camera in the middle of a field, the Leading Ladies show us their best side.

Scene stealers

The Leading Ladies rock the spring/summer 2014 collection


EMMA THOMPSON "I always wore black when I was young because I was being militant, and wouldn’t carry a handbag. I carried everything in a plastic bag until I was 30!”

ANNIE LENNOX “Clothes matter... It’s important that I feel like myself and I think that’s what’s really nice about M&S.”

RITA ORA “When I’m on stage there are no rules... I can’t wait to look back and think, ‘I remember when I wore that, and I got away with it!’”

ALEK WEK “I think it’s important to mix new with established designers, and I always say style is what you make it.”

ROMA AGRAWAL “I love brightly coloured blouses and dresses, and a good pencil skirt. I’m a big fan of Audrey Hepburn’s style.”

LULU KENNEDY “I would say always try something new now and again, don’t get stuck in a rut and have fun with clothes. Surprise yourself!”

BARONESS LAWRENCE “Being in the public eye, I’m very conscious about how I dress as I have so many engagements to attend – and as a lady, you can never wear the same thing twice!”

RACHEL KHOO “I approach fashion in the same way that I do food. For me, it’s having fun, you can experiment – you have to find something which suits you.”



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