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A ladder stacked with vases filled with flowers




Photographer: Maja Smend

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves



Deputy food and flowers editor


Invite the colours of the new season into your home with a pretty display of spring blooms

I was well and truly done with winter by 1 January, so now that spring has finally sprung, I’m full of the joys of it. As well as the abundance of asparagus and Jersey Royals gracing my dinner table, this year I’m going all-out at home, too, with the loveliest of seasonal flowers. There are lots of pretty bouquets to choose from in our online flower shop, from pastel-hued peonies to fragrant scented stocks. I love to split one bouquet into different-shaped vases or jam jars to scatter around the house or line up along a dining table – perfect for spring dinner parties.
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“Split your FAVOURITE bouquet
into different vases to spread
spring joy around the house”