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Woman wearing assorted cocktail rings




Photographer: Jonty Davies

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Your manicure won’t mean a thing if it’s not got that bling: here’s how to wear a cocktail ring

Prep your nail polish and get ready to give your knuckles a serious workout, with a glamorous cocktail ring (or several at once). Cocktail rings add a crucial element of je ne sais quoi to any outfit – use them to elevate a jeans-and-the-perfect-white-shirt combination to a style classic, or take your work dress or trouser suit to the next level with a ‘wow’ ring. Showstopper diamanté numbers and colourful gobstopper statement pieces will have all eyes on your hands, so indulge in a little skincare with scrubs and hand creams, and that all-important manicure. Shine on, crazy diamond – and gemstone, and cubic zirconia, and glass…
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“Make like Hollywood
ROYALTY with a splash
of statement bling”