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Foxbury armchair in easy-clean Navy Bellevue Velvet with Aquaclean




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Make your sofa the star of your living room with stain-resistant fabrics that tick all the style boxes

Whether you’ve got your eye on an armchair upholstered in your favourite shade or a couch covered in soft, plush velvet, the last thing you want is for your new centrepiece to end up coffee-stained, sauce-splattered or accidentally coloured in by the kids. The good news is that almost all of M&S’s upholstery fabric options are protected with Stain Defence at no extra cost. Even better, some fabrics, including Bellevue Velvet (shown here in navy on the Foxbury armchair), come with Aquaclean – so you can get rid of spills using only water (seriously!). Just remove any excess liquid, add water, wait a few seconds, then rub gently with a damp cloth. That’s peace of mind (and a stylish sofa) sorted.
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“Who said VELVET and kids
don’t mix? Our easy-clean
finishes prove otherwise”