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Stay in shape

Keeping trim while fighting those nagging post-Christmas hunger pangs is easier than you think when you have a fridge full of good-for-you, guilt-free possibilities

Balanced for you


January is a tricky time of year to stick to healthy-eating plans, especially when the cold weather makes cosying up with your favourite comfort food a tempting option. If your New Year resolution is to manage your weight, our delicious Count on Us and Balanced for You ranges may be just the helping hand you need.

Boosting the protein in your meals is also a useful way to help manage your weight, and balance your diet. Our Balanced for You range features an irresistible choice of high-protein, moderate-carbohydrate dishes, such as our new Spiced Cauliflower Rice and Chargrilled Tikka Chicken (opposite) – succulent chicken pieces accompanied by cauliflower ‘rice’.

Balanced for you spiced cauliflower rice and chargrilled tikka chicken

Count on us


If you think you can’t indulgence when you’re watching what you eat then think again. Every dish in our Count on Us range has been carefully created to be both full of flavour and very low in fat – less than three per cent per meal – and, as an added bonus, every dish in the selection is calorie controlled.

For example, you can enjoy a rich, Creamy Chargrilled Chicken Caesar Pasta Bowl (opposite) without worrying about the fat content of the sauce. Sticking to those resolutions just got a whole lot easier.


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