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Want to shake up your midweek meals? Cook With M&S, our new range of time-saving ingredients, is here to help. Our food editor, Heather Taylor, puts it to the test with these three ideas


The midweek roast chicken

Who said roasts are just for Sundays? Our Cook With M&S range includes clever shortcuts that mean you can cook up a comforting roast chicken, any night of the week. Our Cook With M&S sweet and smoky spatchcock chicken cooks in an hour and comes ready-prepped in a flavour-packed marinade, complete with a charred lemon for a zingy burst of acidity. Serve with our Cook With M&S Mediterranean veg mix (no chopping required), tossed in a generous spoonful of our Cook With M&S Mediterranean paste, which combines red wine, onion and garlic for a sun-drenched flavour (it’s also delicious in soups, stews and marinades). On the side, add a dollop of goes-with-anything Cook With M&S Sriracha mayo, if you like.

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The veggie comfort food favourite

When autumn starts to draw in, I always crave cockle-warming dishes that feel nourishing, but I don’t want anything too heavy on a weeknight. That’s why this veggie take on shepherd’s pie ticks all the boxes. To make it, simply roast a pack of Cook With M&S roasting butternut mix until cooked, then add a tin of tomatoes, a tin of puy lentils and a pack of diced chestnut mushrooms to the dish, along with a generous spoonful of umami-rich Cook With M&S roasted mushroom and garlic paste. Return to the oven for another 30 minutes or so, until you have a rich sauce. Spoon our Cook With M&S cauliflower mash on top (it’s a great alternative to potatoes), along with breadcrumbs and, for a moreish flavour, a scattering of Cook With M&S magic sprinkle. This seasoning mix is a real store-cupboard saviour and works on everything from roast chicken to popcorn. Bake the pie until golden on top and serve with your favourite greens – I like Tenderstem broccoli.

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The easiest dinner party, ever

Friends coming over midweek? There’s no reason you can’t dish up a delicious dinner, regardless of how busy your working day’s been. To start, simply toast a few slices of our new handcrafted sourdough (find it in the in-store bakery) and top with tomatoes and torn mozzarella. When you’re ready to serve, drizzle over a little of our fiery Cook With M&S chimichurri drizzle, which is packed with fresh herbs and chilli. Next up, simply bake our Cook With M&S beef meatball tray bake – British beef meatballs with an indulgent melting mozzarella centre, chunks of golden garlic bread and a rich tomato sauce – in the oven. Serve with some zero-fuss roasties: our Cook With M&S whole peeled potatoes, sprinkled with some makes-anything-taste-better Cook With M&S roast potato seasoning and baked until golden. Just add your favourite red wine.

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Words: Heather Taylor / Images: Yuki Sugiura / Food and prop styling: Emily Ezekiel / Art direction: Zoe Doyle

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