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Make gorgeous blooms look even better with these easy but impressive ideas from Monica Welburn, the creator of fashion and lifestyle blog The Elgin Avenue

“Fresh flowers bring so much colour and energy to a room – they never fail to make me smile”


I moved from London to my home in the countryside a year ago, and since then I’ve been spending a lot of energy making it my own. I split my time between working from home on content for my blog and podcasts, and travelling to London for meetings and projects. My blog is an extension of all the things I love and could include anything from how to style a beautiful table to tips for building a small business. I love how varied and creative it is.

I am mad about flowers, and include them wherever I can in my home – fresh blooms are the quickest way to welcome in spring. The M&S flowers I’ve used for this feature are a celebration of the season – the pink hues are so positive, and look gorgeous styled up in myriad ways.

First up, a classic vase is perfect for an entranceway or in the centre of a table. It works particularly well for this statement rose arrangement, lending an elegant, poised feel to the space.

Anything ombré makes me think of sunrise – my favourite time of day. This inspired my second idea, a beautiful arrangement that looks so luxurious. Low vases work particularly well for a centrepiece on a coffee or dining table.

Finally, I’ve created a unique display of flowers by mixing a couple of bouquets together and splitting them into different vases. This also works if you’ve had a bouquet for a while and some of the flowers have wilted before the others – take out the wilted ones and repurpose the flowers that are still going strong.

The rule of three works well for vignettes around the home, so I always cluster three decorative items together. Mixing bouquets can look stylish when you have cohesive colours and a variety of textures. The same goes for your vases – keep to complementary shades and it will all look perfectly mismatched, not messy.

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The classic bouquet

Show off the large-headed pink and red roses and pale sweet avalanche roses in our Collection pink rose bouquet in a tall vase – ideal for a side or console table

Select a vase for your bouquet. Place the vase on the edge of a table or surface so you can measure your flowers against the height of the vase – my personal preference is to cut for two-thirds vase to one-third flowers.

Cut your flowers down to your chosen length – I like to cut my stems on a diagonal to create more surface area to absorb water. Fill your vase with one-third of fresh water – you can add flower food at this point, if you like.

Arrange your flowers one stem at a time. Place the largest flowers in the vase first, and criss-cross the stems in the vase to create a strong structure. Add smaller flowers and foliage as you go.

Look at your bouquet from all angles to make sure it looks great the whole way round – et voilá!

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The ombré centrepiece

The pastel-pink and deep fuchsia shades of our Collection pink rose bouquet really pop in this on-trend, modern-looking arrangement

This beautiful centre-piece looks so luxurious. To make it, start by splitting your bouquet according to shades – roses work particularly well for this idea. Choose three vases of the same height – I’ve used shorter vases here, which is ideal for a coffee or dining table at a dinner party.

Cut the stems of the flowers at a diagonal, measuring the vase against the edge of the table. Place your lightest flowers in one vase, mid-colour in another, and darkest in the third. Arrange your vases in a row for maximum impact.


The split-vase styling idea

Try a mix-and-match arrangement of blooms from our Collection pink rose bouquet and cymbidium orchid bouquet

Create an impactful display of flowers by mixing a couple of bouquets together. Choose vases of three varying heights – one tall, one medium and a smaller decorative vase or votive.

Lay your flowers out on a table and play around with a few different arrangements – try a tall, wild-looking stem against a classic rose, add a large leaf and mix in playful foliage.

Measure the flowers against the height of the vase using the side of the table (as before) and cut the stems to the correct height at an angle.

Arrange your flowers in three vases and display them all together. This looks great on a side table or cocktail trolley.

Words: Monica Welburn / Flowers editor: Heather Taylor

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