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Best in season: Baby rainbow carrots

There are a few veggies that kids love just as much as grown-ups, like fresh, crunchy British carrots and,
luckily, autumn is the best time to enjoy them. Make the most of these colourful, sweet root vegetables
with our inspiring recipes that look as good as they taste

Pick of the crop

For us, provenance is paramount, which is why we go to the
edges of the British Isles to source some of our seasonal produce. These sweet heritage carrots are grown by Steven Jack on the banks of the Moray Firth in Scotland’s windswept Highlands. Steven was one of the first farmers to start producing organic carrots in Scotland and he supplies his crop exclusively to M&S.

Most people are accustomed to seeing carrots in their classic orange guise, but Steven is determined to showcase heritage varieties too, which is why our baby carrots come in plummy purple and crayon-bright yellow, too.

“Why should a carrot be orange? That is the question,” he says.

“There were a number of different colours many, many years ago but subsequently the orange carrot was bred and improved upon in terms of taste and colour and that’s why we’ve all become accustomed to seeing an orange carrot. However, all the breeding and selection has gone into improving those varieties
at the expense of other types of other coloured carrots until recently.”

“Multi-coloured carrots are a great way of getting kids to eat
veg. Children don’t have this perception that carrots must be orange so this encourages them to give it a try.”

Best in season: Baby rainbow carrots

Four ways with baby rainbow carrots

Recipe: Quick pickled
baby rainbow carrots

This super-easy pickle recipe
retains all the colour and
crunch of tender baby carrots.
Enjoy with cheese and
crispbreads, or try
with mackerel


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Recipe: Orange-glazed
baby rainbow carrots

Shake up a traditional Sunday
roast with a fruity vegetable
side dish – this recipe's citrusy
tang is great with rich,
fatty pork


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Recipe: Roasted baby
rainbow carrots with harissa

Spice up a mealtimes with this
Moroccan take on British
vegetables – make a double
portion and keep in the fridge
for lunch on the go


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Recipe: Baby rainbow
carrots with hazelnut salsa

Salads aren't just for summer,
give yours an autumnal
makeover with slivers of
freshly ribboned carrot and
crunchy hazelnuts


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Autumn-ready recipes

Autumn-ready recipes

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