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Pure vegan skincare range




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Spring clean your skincare with a beauty routine that gives great results while being kinder to the planet

If you’ve signed up for Veganuary, dabbled in vegan footwear and switched your disposable face wipes for reusable alternatives, you may wish to consider eco-friendly lotions and potions too. Enter Pure, our range of effective vegan skincare solutions. Made in the UK (for fewer air miles), using ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients and easy-to-recycle packaging, the collection has recently received a makeover to galvanise its shelfie-worthy status. But it doesn’t just look good: the formulations pack a punch too. Take the Natural Radiance Serum, which combines potent ingredients such as resveratrol, extracted from upcycled grape-pulp waste sourced from an M&S wine supplier, with echinacea and peptides to help protect against the damaging effects free radicals can have on cell structures that make up your skin. Genius.
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