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Kathryn Camps, M&S senior horticultural technologist, shares her tips to keep your M&S flowers looking blooming lovely for longer

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Pick the perfect spot

“Keep your blooms away from direct heat sources and draughts. Never display flowers next to fruit, as fruit naturally emits ethylene, which will damage your flowers”

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A selection of spring flowers

Food for fuel

“If your order includes flower food, make sure you use it! This small but mighty sachet will help your arrangement last longer”

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Two vases filled with M&S flowers

It’s all about the angles

“When you receive your order, cut all the stems on an angle. This will increase the stem surface area, allowing them to stay well hydrated.”

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Flower-arranging tips

A selection of ready-to-arrange flowers

So fresh and so clean

“Always place your bouquet in a clean vase with fresh water to ensure the blooms aren’t exposed to bacteria that will cause the flowers to decay”

Bring on the blooms

A vase filled with pink peonies

Potting on

“Choosing a good vase for your flowers is important. Consider the size and shape to ensure the blooms are well supported. Try splitting your bouquet between recycled glass jars, like jam jars, and scattering around your home or down the length of the table for maximum impact”

Arranging tips and tricks

Flowers in small pots
Words: Kathryn Camps/ Deputy flowers editor: Olivia Ferguson