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Whether you’re walking the dog or running a marathon, our sports clothing and accessories work just as hard as you do. Here are five to kick-start your health kick

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Step 1: Do a temperature check

As much as exercising during the day sounds great, annoying things like work get in the way, so start your chilly morning or evening warm-up with this lightweight but cosy stretch hoodie.

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Men’s sports grey hoodie

Step 2: Get on the short circuit

Tracksuit bottoms may be classic workout wear, but shorts are by far the better option when the heat is on. And these ones have pockets large enough to store even the biggest smartphone.

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Men’s sports shorts

Step 3: Keep cool

Our climate control base layer will keep you at the perfect temperature while the antimicrobial odour control tech will ward off any unwelcome whiffs.

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Men’s sports thermal top

Step 4: Stay hydrated

When you’re really working, you’d be surprised how much water your body loses, so stay topped up with H2O – this bottle comes with a built-in canister to carry fruit.

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Men’s sports water bottle

Step 5: Don’t sweat it

Staying dry when you’re training means you’ll feel comfortable for longer – our clever moisture-wicking tech moves sweat away from the body to give you that extra edge.

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Men’s sports top
Photographer: Luke Kirwan


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