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Speedy kitchen shortcuts

Cook With M&S is our new range of over 100 time-saving ingredients designed to make midweek cooking a breeze. Find it in store now and get inspired with these clever kitchen hacks

Three ways with Cook With M&S sriracha mayo

A moreish combination of creamy mayonnaise and fiery sriracha hot sauce that works on everything from burgers to sandwiches. Try these three ideas:

Dip in sweet potato chips seasoned with a little smoked paprika.

Drizzle over our Posh Dogs in squishy hot dog buns.

Make an Asian-inspired salad with poached chicken, crisp little gem lettuce, thinly sliced radish and a dollop of Cook With M&S sriracha mayo.

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Three ways with Cook With M&S magic sprinkle

This is the ultimate seasoning that will elevate the flavour of everything from sauces to stews, to roast veg and even popcorn. Get started with these:

Use to season your gravy for a gorgeous intensity of flavour.

Sprinkle over a tray of root veg – think squash, halved onions and carrots – then roast.

Serve soft-boiled eggs and roasted tomatoes on sourdough, then finish with a little Cook With M&S magic sprinkle.

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Three ways with Cook With M&S tomato, red pepper and chilli drizzle

A delicious dressing, expertly blended by our chefs, that’s perfect for finishing steak, stirring through pasta, or using to flavour sauces. Give these a go:

Cook cherry tomatoes low-and-slow in the oven until blistered. Spread soft ricotta on toasted sourdough, top with the tomatoes and finish with the Cook With M&S tomato, red pepper and chilli drizzle.

Dollop on top of a Spanish omelette to give your eggs a flavour lift.

Stir through soup just before serving for a spicy kick.

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The ultimate time-saving dinner

As well as handy store-cupboard ingredients, spice pastes and dressings, our Cook With M&S range includes some shortcut dinners you can pop in the oven and finish with your favourite sides.

Try our Cook With M&S firecracker chicken sticks – available in store – which come in a fiery Korean-inspired marinade. Simply serve with a zingy salad of shaved cucumber, lime juice and a little extra fresh red chilli, if you like it hot.

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Cook With M&S

Discover Cook With M&S, our new range of over 100 time-saving ingredients to make cooking dinner easy

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