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If you try one thing... Make it citrus beers

There are few things nicer than cracking open a cold brew in the sunshine, and our range just got even better with these zesty, made-for-barbecues beers

Add some zest

You might not be able to improve on a certified classic, but you can give it a twist, which is what we've done with our new citrus beers. A zing of lemon with lager is a refreshingly lovely thing, as any drinker of ice-cold shandies on a hot day can attest to, and these two new beers take that hit of fruit even further. Zesty blood orange partners with hints of spice in blood orange wheat beer; while pink grapefruit lifts our grapefruit IPA which also has notes of mango and pine. These were made to stand up to spicy flavours, so why not try them paired with chilli-smothered fish grilled on the barbecue or a burger with all the trimmings hot off the grill.

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