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Made for Tiny Taste Buds

Specially created for little tummies, our exclusive Tiny Taste Buds range for weaning and Taste Buds range for older tummies has been developed especially for children

Introducing the tiny taste buds range

Early-year yumminess

We understand that those early years can be the most important when it comes to your baby's growth and development. An exclusive range of baby foods at M&S, our colourful selection provides healthy, balanced meals for each stage of your baby's weaning, all of which have been specifically tailored to their nutritional needs so you can rest assured they're getting the good stuff from the moment they start to try solid food.

Only the highest quality, organic ingredients have been used from each of the different food groups to help introduce new tastes and textures, helping your baby develop positive eating habits from a young age. We also ensure there are no additives or sugar and that all products are low in salt.

Stage 1
Developed for around 6 months of age, all meals are based on smooth purees to help babies starting out.

Stage 2
Suitable for 7 months+ this stage features gently mashed vegetables for texture as well as tastiness.

Stage 3
Designed for 10 months+ this stage introduces tiny chunks for developing taste.

Stage 4
The final stage of our Tiny Taste Buds is designed for 12 months+ and supports little ones who are starting to feed themselves with bite-size chunks.

Delight budding diners

Taste Buds are a range of healthy meals and snacks specially designed for the nutritional needs of children. Every meal carries the Eat Well logo, meets strict nutritional criteria and provides at least one portion of vegetables. No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or salt substitutes are used in any of our Taste Buds dishes. It tastes great, is healthy and balanced. What more could you want?

Introducing the taste buds range
Learn about the M&S and Great Ormond Street Hospital Partnership

M&S and Great Ormond Street Hospital Partnership

M&S has formed a partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital children's charity to fund groundbreaking new research into children's gut disorders. The money we have donated so far has been used to help support research and facilities at the hospital.

Great Ormond Street Hospital is one of the world's leading children's research hospitals with the broadest range of dedicated children's healthcare specialists under one roof in the UK. The hospital's pioneering research and treatment gives hope to children who are suffering from the rarest, most complex and often life-threatening conditions across the country and abroad.

The Gastroenterology department at Great Ormond Street Hospital is one of the UK's leading centers of excellence in treating complex diseases affecting the gut and other associated organs. The team see over 5,000 children with chronic and life-limiting gut conditions each year.

With our help, GOSH have been able to bring together a world-class team of clinicians and researchers to develop and deliver three pioneering studies for a brighter future.


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