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Three balloon glasses of pink iced frosé with straws




Photographer: Katie Hammond

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Food & wine editor


If you haven’t tried frosé, then you’re missing out – it’s the slushy for grown-ups and here’s how to whip up a batch

It’s the last bank holiday weekend of the year. On Tuesday you might have to do the school run or face the morning commute. There will be food shopping and washing to tackle. But right now, all you have to do is celebrate the art of doing nothing. Enjoy being lazy with a drink that was made for long summer evenings: frosé. It looks like a childhood slushy, but tastes like a sophisticated cocktail. Made by blending a cold bottle of rosé with a handful of frozen strawberries, a handful of ice and sugar to taste, this pretty-in-pink drink is the perfect way to toast the last long weekend of 2017.
A rosé made for frosé

“Choose a SWEET wine
like our redcurrant, rose and
strawberry-rich Rosé D’Anjou”