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Happy snacking

We all snack, and just because we're hard-wired to nibble between meals doesn't mean we should feel guilty about it. Discover tasty and healthy ideas that'll make you want to celebrate snacking

In celebration of snacking

If you've ever followed a diet or tried to make a conscious decision to eat healthier, we all know the first thing that gets the boot from your daily intake: snacking. But snacking doesn't have to be bad. If you're after something a little more enticing than a handful of nuts come the 4pm slump, try one of our fresh and fruity ideas that'll kill those hunger pangs without the guilt.

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Fight the snack attack

When only something sweet will suffice, why not make sure your snacks do good as well as taste good too with our healthy recipes

Berrylicious frozen yogurt

Who said ice cream was just for summer? This frozen yogurt makes a light yet indulgent pudding

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Pineapple flowers

A healthier alternative to deep fried crisps, keep a stash of these on hand for a mid-morning fruit fix

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Avocado, lime and coconut milk ice pops

Full of green goodness, everyone will love this creamy twist on classic milk pops

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Cherry tomato ladybirds

Make snack breaks fun for kids with these mini tomato, cheese and basil bites

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Your guide to eating better

Enjoy a little of what you fancy and staying on track will be that bit easier. These are our top picks from our new in-store range of individually portioned treats to help manage calories.

Savour the flavour of our bite-sized latte coffee kick bar – a smooth blend of dark-roasted coffee beans and cocoa butter that melts in the mouth like chocolate.

Coated in lemon-infused toffee, our lemon and poppyseed popcorn with yogurt drizzle comes in portion-controlled packs to give your willpower a helping hand.

Are you a grazer? Keep a pack of tropical fruit mix – sun-ripened mango, pineapple and coconut – with you and you’ll always have something healthy to snack on. And it counts towards one of your five a day.

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Little helpers

Keeping kids on the right track with snacking can be tricky. Give them treats that make everyone happy with these balanced options

Apple cookies

Kids will love lending a helping hand making these easy and nutritious mock cookies

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Avocado and mango smoothie

A surefire hit with big kids and small ones alike, whip up a batch of these for brunch

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Fruit sushi

Even if they aren't a fan of raw fish, they'll love this fruit-packed seeded version

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Fresh fruit and lemon custard tarts

Made for little hands, these mini tarts can be topped with their favourite fruit

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