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Whether you’re sweating it out at Bikram yoga or stretching it out with a vinyasa flow, here’s our guide to the best yoga gear

Choose flexible styles with stretch

Relaxing your body into the perfect downward dog requires unrestrictive clothing – your muscles should tell you when you’ve reached your limit, not your shorts. Go Balance leggings are a great choice, made from super-soft stretchy fabric that will bend and flex with your body. Specially designed for activities such as yoga and Pilates, these leggings don’t have any pockets or zips that could dig in when you’re lying on the floor. The high crossover waistband also provides good coverage while allowing you to move freely and enjoy the benefits of this popular form of exercise.

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Go Balance cropped yoga leggings
Cropped leggings for summer yogis
Go Balance printed yoga leggings
Style it out in printed leggings
Go Move sports shorts
Into Bikram? Try these shorts
Go Balance black yoga leggings
Keep it simple with chic black leggings

Yep, you need a sports bra for yoga

You might not be doing star jumps or burpees but yoga can still get pretty physical, so a proper sports bra is recommended. Those with smaller busts are able to get away with lighter support, such as a crop top, while larger cup sizes need sturdier bras to feel comfortable and supported. In terms of tops, the possibilities are endless, from racerback vests to relaxed T-shirts. Choose a fitted style if you want to keep an eye on your form in the mirror, or would rather not expose yourself during a headstand (not that anyone will mind!).

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Raspberry high-impact bra
A high-impact bra with freedom to move
White reversible sports bra
This clever sports bra is reversible
Khaki non-wired sports bra
A medium-impact, non-wired sports bra
Freya sports bra
A dynamic sports bra from Freya

For slower classes, take a layer

At one end of the scale you have hot yoga, where you’ll probably want to wear as little clothing as possible. At the other end are slow, mindful exercise classes such as restorative yoga, where individual poses can be held for up to 20 minutes for a deep stretch. For the latter, an extra layer such as a sweatshirt or breathable long-sleeved top might be handy – they’re also useful to keep on the side for any class that ends in a shavasana (lying on the floor for five to 15 minutes to release any tension), which can get a bit chilly.

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Turquoise yoga top
A relaxed yoga top in a pretty shade
White side tie yoga top
Tie this top tightly to stop it riding up
Pink sports sweatshirt
Layer up with a sporty sweatshirt
Navy camo crop top
A crop top available in three prints

Words: Sophie Hines

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