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Get the Look


Get the Look


You don’t need to stray far from your comfort zone (or have a glam squad on speed dial) to give your hair and make-up a fresh spin for spring. Beauty editor Emma Robertson reveals the must-try tricks to cheat a new look in seconds


Try this anti-eyeliner trick

Applying eyeliner is a tricky and time-consuming business, so if you’re over stressing about the symmetry of your kitten flick – but you’re not ready to go make-up-free – then try this tip spotted backstage at Lanvin (), where make-up artists used a hint of glitter on models’ eyelids to make eyes look wider and brighter instead.

Lighten up – turn heads for all the right reasons with a less-is-more look. Switching your trusty full-coverage foundation for skin care with make-up benefits, such as Stila’s colour-correcting primer, looks fresh and pretty and reduces the amount of base you need. Plus, it’s perfect for reviving your look, post-winter.

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Throw away your lip balm

A swipe of bright lipstick that’s as colourful as you are (like this loud and proud look, , seen at Dolce & Gabbana) goes hand in hand with confidence and compliments. Even better – the beauty of a power pout is that it looks best when the rest of your make-up is kept clean and simple. A dab of concealer, lightly groomed brows, a lick of mascara and you’re good to go.

Feeling bold? Lipstick rarely looks as daring on lips as it does in the bullet. To get the truest, brightest hue, dab a thin layer of foundation over lips to tone down their natural colour first, then layer your lipstick on top. For a neat, crisp outline, fix any slip ups using concealer and a clean lipstick brush

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Switch up your hairstyle

Wash, blast dry, brush, repeat – sound like your current hair routine? Snooze. When the same old hairstyle gets dull, try this low-maintenance twist (), as seen on the Roberto Cavalli catwalk. The style might look plain at first glance, but take a closer peek and you’ll spot the prettifying power of two subtle accent braids – a finishing touch that ups your hair game in a flash, without much extra effort required.

Perfect your plaits – take your style to the next level with a fishtail braid, the most lusted-after look for special occasions. You might think it’s complicated, but our how-to video proves it’s deceptively easy to master.

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Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans

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