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Bowls of Plant Kitchen ice-cream




Photographer: Maja Smend

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Olivia Ferguson

Deputy food editor


Introducing our first Plant Kitchen ice-creams, available in two irresistible flavours. Plus, delicious topping ideas to try

Whether you’re a plant-based expert or looking to cut back on dairy, our new Plant Kitchen ice-creams are the perfect sweet treat. Made from velvety coconut cream, these vegan game-changers are available in indulgent chocolate or Scottish raspberry ripple. They’re delicious served alone but next-level tasty when topped with vegan delights. I pair the raspberry ripple with our sweet Sapphire raspberries and some homemade honeycomb. To make honeycomb, put 100g caster sugar in a saucepan with 50g golden syrup. Heat gently until smooth, then remove from the heat. Add 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda and whisk until the mixture froths. Pour into a lined baking tray, allow to set, then break into bite-sized pieces. For the chocolate, I keep it simple by topping with toasted coconut flakes and fresh banana. Pick up both ice-creams in store now.
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“Totally VEGAN and totally
delicious, our Plant Kitchen ice-creams
are the ideal summer dessert”