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Yoga teacher, nutritionist and bestselling author Madeleine Shaw talks all things health and happiness – perfect inspiration for your new year fitness regime

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How to get the glow

Watch Madeleine in action as she shows you three easy yoga poses to help you become your best self this year



Even balancing on one leg, Madeleine Shaw is smiling. She’s the ultimate ad for her tagline (and title of her bestselling book) Get the Glow, with flawless skin, a beaming grin and a clear passion for her way of life. “I think everyone is after happiness in some shape or form,” she says, “and that definitely comes from health.”

The 26-year-old yoga teacher, author and nutritionist has just launched her first app, Glow Guides – a holistic transformational programme built on three pillars: move, munch and meditate. “My aim for the app is confidence,” says Madeleine. “I wanted to create something that will put you in amazing shape, but also nourishes your body and helps you deal with stress and your mindset.”

Madeleine’s own path to health hasn’t been all kale and tree poses. Formerly a fan of Diet Cokes and low-fat everything, her calorie-conscious eating habits led to severe digestive issues while living in Sydney at the age of 18: “I looked like I

was pregnant but no one could figure out what was wrong.”

Madeleine’s education began after taking a job at an Australian organic café, whetting her appetite for whole foods and inspiring her to do a nutrition course and later a cooking stint in France. “At the time, London wasn’t into healthy eating so it’s been really exciting to come back and see how much it’s changed.”

With more people swapping pub sessions for yoga classes and fizzy drinks for green juices, today’s wellbeing industry is thriving. So what does Madeleine bring to the table? “For me, healthy living is about enjoyment and focusing on what you can have rather than what you can’t,” she explains. “A lot of people think it’s expensive or time consuming, but cooking a piece of fish with a salad is quicker than making pasta.”

So what’s the big health trend for 2016? “Glow Guides!” she laughs. “Grab a friend and just give it a go. What’s the worst that can happen?”

Active in style

“Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants and it’s so
versatile. You can put it in porridge, salad or on top
of your soup to add some crunch.”
“The best time to meditate is after a yoga class.
Your body will be relaxed so it’s the perfect
opportunity to find a moment of stillness.”
“Tree pose is my favourite. It’s so liberating and
energising but also calms the mind if you’re
overthinking things.”
“Crow pose is great for strength. It’s challenging so
definitely one to work towards in your practice.”
“I love making something fresh after a workout. Try
giving your salad a bit of lemon zest, chilli and
balsamic to make it come alive.”
“If you’re making a green juice, add lime to cleanse
the body. Juice is a brilliant way to get greens in your
diet if you’re not normally a fan.”
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Photographer: Ellis Parrinder / Interviewer: Charlene Barton

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