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A trip to the zoo

Come rain or shine, the zoo offers a great opportunity for children to get up close to animals. Unfortunately, these furry and feathered friends aren’t the most predictable of creatures so a zoo trip can involve a lot of standing around. Make sure your little ones are in the right togs: sensible shoes are a must, as well as a jacket or raincoat to protect against sudden downpours.

“Take a SUN HAT
– the sun can burn even on cloudy days


Indoor adventures

The unpredictable British weather means you need to be prepared for rainy day activities too. An indoor slide equals hours of entertainment so opt for durable, easy-to-wear clothes that won’t slow them down. Face-painting is fun, inside or out in the sun. If you’re feeling artistic, match their faces to a T-shirt’s design but remember to use water-soluble paints and put them in a machine-washable outfit. Inevitably, things will get messy.

“Hard-wearing yet VERSATILE, denim in any colour is perfect for kids”


Playground fun

Whether it’s for skateboarding, a rope ladder or the swings, playgrounds become a focal point during half term, whatever age your kids are. When it comes to clothing, layering is key. For running around, they won’t want more than a T-shirt, but the chilly walk home may have them begging for a hoodie. Older kids will be concerned about looking stylish so choose cool accessories and statement-print tees that give a nod to fashion while still being practical.

“PUMPS are a stylish alternative to classic trainers


Photographer: Piotr Motyka / Stylist: Emma McFarlene / Groomer: Christina Corway

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