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Glasses of iced coffee




Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Olivia Ferguson

Deputy food editor


Missing your morning latte, or craving something refreshing? Try our delicious at-home iced coffee ideas

Now’s a good time to perfect your barista skills and host a virtual coffee catch-up with friends, family or colleagues. To make an iced latte, simply mix two shots of espresso or strong coffee with some sugar, honey or syrup, then pour into a glass filled with ice cubes. Add your favourite milk (I love oat or almond), stir and sip! Fancy something a little stronger? Prepare your own cold brew by combining coarsely ground coffee beans with cold water (one-part coffee to four-parts water). Let it chill in the fridge overnight, then strain and serve over ice. Or try whipping up the drink that’s taken social media by storm: the dalgona coffee. Simply whisk instant coffee with one tablespoon of water and one tablespoon of granulated sugar until the mix is really thick – like whipped cream (an electric whisk will make this easier). Pour milk over ice and then spoon the thick coffee mixture on top.
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“Make your BREW your own
with flavoured syrups, milk
alternatives and tasty toppings”