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Our in-house nutritionists, Sophia and Laura
Photographer: Yuki Sugiura

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Deputy food editor


Get expert advice on your health and nutrition from our
in-house experts, Sophia Linn and Laura Street

“Don’t eat carbs”, “carb load”, “eat more fat”, “go fat free” – health and nutrition can often be a minefield of conflicting advice, myths and complicated jargon. At M&S, our mission is to make things simpler and more straightforward. That’s why you can now email your health-related questions to our in-house nutritionists, Sophia Linn and Laura Street. They’ll provide you with personalised advice and recommendations. Whether you’re planning a complete lifestyle overhaul, a switch to veganism, or just want to make some small changes for the better, M&S is on hand to provide you with all the tools you need to feel happier and healthier.
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