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  • Your order will be delivered by one of our third-party couriers. After ordering, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your order. If you haven’t received this email within 24 hours of placing your order, please contact customer services.

  • Deliveries will arrive between 7am and 7pm on the day you selected. If you are not in, deliveries will be left in a safe place. Depending on your courier, you may be able to specify this ahead of delivery.

  • You don’t need to be at home for your flowers to be delivered. Our flower carriers will let you know what time and where your flowers have been delivered. You can also provide DPD a safe place to leave your delivery using the tracking code sent prior to your delivery.
    Both carriers will leave a card at the address to advise of the safe place location. DPD in addition will take a photo of the location and this will be available on their tracking.

  • Order by 7pm weekdays and by midday at weekends for next-day delivery. Due to high demand, some products may be unavailable for next-day delivery earlier than these times. Please check our next-day delivery page, which is frequently updated with products that can be delivered the next day.

  • In most cases, gift messages will be easily visible inside the box alongside the bouquet or plant, however in some instances, the gift message is located under the delivery label on the outside of the box.
    The location of the gift message will vary by supplier and carrier. With Yodel they are part of the carrier label, open up the plastic wallet and the gift card is at the back. With DPD there is a separate card which is usually found inside the box. If the box is damaged, it is not always possible to retrieve the gift message, so there may be instances where the gift message is not sent if a box is repacked.

  • There is a 30-minute window to cancel your order after it is placed, unfortunately after this point we are unable to cancel or amend orders.

  • We ship to most addresses in the UK, however there are selected postcodes we are unable to ship to as we cannot guarantee the full freshness of flowers upon arrival.

    For a full list of postcode exclusions, click here.

  • We are sorry that you can’t locate your delivery despite it being marked as delivered. Please follow the steps below:

    • Check if the courier has left your delivery in a safe place.
    • Check if one of your neighbours has received the delivery for you.
    • Use the tracking number to see if the tracking system has been updated with any information, such as a photo of where it has been left

    If your delivery still cannot be found, please get in contact with our customer services team here .

  • Delivery for all our flowers and plants is free. You can explore our full collection here .

Quality & Care

  • Our flowers and plants arrive in various formats for freshness and convenience:

    • Gifts bags arrive in water and are ready to present.
    • Most bouquets arrive in our waterless solution, ready to trim and place in a vase with water and flower food.
    • Letterbox flowers are ready to trim and add to water. They will perk up within 24 hours.
    • Plants are watered before starting their journey to you. Please follow the care guidance provided within the box.
  • Most of the flowers across the range are sent dry and you may notice they look slightly wilted on arrival, but your blooms will revive within 24 hours by trimming the stems and adding water. All our flowers are sent at bud stage to prolong life.
    All blooms are carefully fed and watered before they are sent. Though appearing fragile, flowers are tougher than we think and even though they may look a little dehydrated on arrival, a simple trimming of the stems before placing them into a vase of cool, clear water (with the addition of the food sachet that we have included in the box), will soon have them back to their best and provide a bold and fresh display for many days to come.
    Nature has evolved some great tricks for helping us deliver flowers over long distances while still remaining in great condition. Many bulb flowers such as daffodils, lilies and Iris, keep their petals tightly enclosed until we provide them with the right conditions to allow them to bloom freely. Daffodils have their own natural protective ‘packaging’ that covers and protects the delicate petals within.
    Some flowers in bud can open almost instantly, such as irises, whilst others, such as lilies, will take several days to reach their full, dramatic form.

  • The outer petals of the roses act as protection. As the roses open up and come into bloom, the guard petals become less obvious.

  • We guarantee that your flowers will look beautiful for at least five days – just keep them hydrated and fed!

  • Please follow the care instructions that come with your plant. If you are not happy with your plant, please contact customer services.

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