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You can’t be with your kids while they’re at uni, but you can make sure they’ve got all the kit they need. Tick off our checklist of must-haves for their new home away from home


Preparing for the big day

When your kids are leaving home, you want to make sure they have everything they need to thrive. Help them get organised with the basics so that when they arrive, they can get on with the important things like settling in and making friends for life (and some studying, of course). From bedding sets starting at £10 to blankets to keep them warm through winter, we’ve got their campus-ready home comforts covered.

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University checklist

- Duvet, pillow and two bed linen sets (if bedding isn’t provided with their accommodation), plus a blanket or throw to keep them snug on colder nights. Or try our clever washable duvet to save them changing their duvet cover

- Bath towels and hand towels: choose a distinctive colour to stop them getting mixed up with anyone else’s

- Laundry bag or basket for their washing

- Cutlery and crockery: a set of bowls and plates, plus glasses and mugs for hot drinks

- Kitchen basics: two saucepans, a frying pan, colander, can opener, corkscrew, baking tray, peeler, wooden spoon, chopping board, chopping knife and tea towels should get them started

- Framed photos of friends and family will help their new place feel more like home

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