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M&S enterprise graduate Roxy Ryan shares top tips about what to take to university and how to make the most of your first year


What should be on every student’s must-pack list?
Having at least the basic kitchen essentials will make cooking much more enjoyable, and you can never have enough glasses for when people come to yours for pre-drinks. It’s a good idea to have spares of bed linen and towels in case the washing machine is being used when you need it.

How can you make your room feel more like home?
I strung up photos of friends and family on fairy lights. I also took a diffuser that smelt like home and lots of blankets and cushions. It’s also a good idea to have an airbed for when friends visit.

What’s not obvious but worth taking?
I’m an over-packer and moving to university was no exception. Space in halls is usually quite tight, so storage solutions, such as boxes that fit under the bed or in-wardrobe shoe hangers, will help you squeeze in everything you need in an organised way.

Was there anything that you took but didn’t use?
For some reason I thought I needed to take a coffee machine. I probably used it twice before packing it up and leaving it to gather dust under my bed. No first-year student has time to be cleaning those things between lectures and nights out.

Finally, do you have any advice for first-year students?
You get out of university what you put in, so leave your comfort zone, try new things, meet new people and say yes. It’s easy to stay in your room but that’s not going to help you have some of the best years of your life!


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